JTeach.ca is dedicated to working to fight antisemitism through education. We firmly believe that society can work together to collectively effect the elimination of antisemitism by educating each other on the dangers, of prejudice, hate and discrimination towards all groups of people. Antisemitism is recognized as “the world’s oldest hatred” and can be traced back thousands of years to antisemitic tropes, subjugation, fallacies, and the expulsion of the Jewish people from their homeland.

Today, the Jewish people face antisemitism in a multitude of ways including, but not limited to, claims of the Jewish domination of world economies, the Jews controlling the media and the vilification of the Jewish homeland, Israel.

The most effective means of countering Jew hatred is to educate Jewish people and their allies on defining, recognizing and countering antisemitism. Further, it is incumbent on those who wish to effect positive change in regards to the increased antisemitism in the world to educate others who do not understand how they may be unwitting contributors to Jew hatred.