About the JTeach #EndJewHatred High School Fellowship

The JTeach #EndJewHatred High School Fellowship is a two year program that provides students with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills that can help them to make a positive change in the world. Students will be provided with learning, resources, guidance and support in the design and implementation of constructive means of advocating against Jew hatred and anti-Zionism, with a focus on peer education initiatives. Students who are currently in grades 10, 11, or 12 may qualify to participate in the program. Students who begin the program in grade 12 will serve as JTeach #EndJewHatred Fellows in their grade 12 year and in their first year of college/university. All students will have the opportunity to continue as a JTeach #EndJewHatred Fellow in college/university with support and learning through the post-secondary program launching for the 2024/2025 school year.

Students who successfully complete the JTeach #EndJewHatred Fellowship program will be eligible to join the Student Advisory Board and will have the opportunity to influence the overall program in meaningful, constructive ways.

Year one of the program focuses primarily on the developing of leadership skills and learning how to put together peer education initiatives. For those who are also taking the GPP3O course through JTeach Academy, most of this learning overlaps with the material that is part of that course. For more information about JTeach Academy, or to enrol in courses, click here.

Year two of the program focuses on mentorship and initiative execution. Students continue their learning and apply their new & prior knowledge to facilitate programs that will make a positive impact in their respective communities.

Students Will Learn:

  • How to make positive change on a grassroots level
  • How to critically analyze information sources
  • How to work cooperatively with groups/allies who share a common cause
  • Methods to effectively assess the needs of their community
  • Processes for designing a plan to make positive change and to achieve specific goals
  • Skills and confidence to become an engaging public speaker
  • Constructive ways to challenge Jew hatred and other forms of hate
  • Facts and details regarding Jew hatred and anti-Zionism which will enable them to counter lies and misinformation through educational initiatives

Students may also qualify for the following benefits:

  • a free Apple iPad to help with planning and execution of programs and events
  • gift cards and cel phone plan top-up cards
  • college/university scholarships
  • trips and seminars
  • support to attend relevant advocacy events – e.g. networking events, learning opportunities, conferences


  • Students who choose to enrol in the GPP3O course and take part in the JTeach #EndJewHatred Fellowship will meet all of the requirements of the GPP3O course and the Fellowship program
  • Students will participate in meetings and training session held outside regular classroom hours
  • Students will take part in a minimum of 2 Jewish or Israel advocacy initiatives in the first year of the Fellowship
  • Students will attend all sessions, including workshops, mentorship sessions, and weekend retreats or Shabbatons (2), and will participate in a minimum of 4 Jewish and/or Israel advocacy initiatives during the second year of the fellowship



To apply for the Fellowship alone:

To enrol in the GPP3O course and Fellowship:

For further information, please contact:

rabbicorey@jteachacademy.com or rabbicorey@jteach.ca